qcVerify’s flexible nature allows you to scan fresh concrete pour, regardless of plane. Scan flat slabs on grade, elevated slabs, suspended cambered and sloped slabs, walls, columns and elevator shafts and get a detailed heat map on your mobile device in under two minutes, allowing for real-time analysis and on-the-spot adjustments.

Attaining higher FF/FL numbers has never been faster or easier. All pours can be corrected before the concrete sets, which means you can say goodbye to costly rework.

Cambered concrete slabs are created by pouring concrete in a shallow pyramid shape which allows for even distribution over a given area. The intention is that the concrete will cure over time and result in a flat surface.

It is important to understand how the concrete is setting to ensure the desired result. If the cambered concrete cures incorrectly it will result in a costly structural defect for the lifespan of the building.

qcVerify ensures cambered slabs are poured correctly by scanning the initial pour area and tracking the resulting movement of the concrete. Combined with thermal imaging, qcVerify eliminates guesswork and shows you exactly how your slab will finish.