Why qcVerify?

As technology continues to evolve, businesses are acquiring more and more data related to their projects and products. Sightline has created a solution for Manufacturing, Construction and Infrastructure that helps you leverage your data to find and understand new insight which were previously not possible.

qcVerify our artificial intelligence-driven platform, connects to a wide array of sensor to deliver powerful quality assurance. Now you can find defects in products with far more precision and less time, you can monitor your whole production line to be informed if any part of the line is operating suboptimally. qcVerify can also monitor the health of buildings, bridges and roads to notify you in advance of problem which you can then fix before they become major issues. There are an increasing number of uses for qcVerify, here are a few.


Industry 4.0
Anomaly Detection
Product Identification
Defect Detection
Visual Inspection


Structural Health Monitoring
Paving Materials Analysis
Water and Waste Management
Advanced Disaster Prediction
Construction Quality Assurance

qcVerify can connect with an array of sensors and systems to deliver rapid, accurate results, turning your data into actionable intelligence. It allows you to build better, faster and monitor any changes that may take place.

Connect any sensor

qcVerify easily connects to optical, embedded and fibre bragg grating sensors, LiDAR, thermal couplers and more.

Powered by artificial intelligence

Sensor data is analyzed and processed by our cloud-based AI engine providing you with real-time results.

Real quality results

qcVerify computes real-time quality risks and quality scores for your project.

Audit your build in real time

Ensure the work on your build is done right the first. Audit and track it through our intuitive 3D user interface.

Automate your quality process

Let qcVerify automatically identify quality issues for you.

Predictive analysis

Want to be able to remove your formwork earlier? With advanced sensor integration, qcVerify will tell you exactly when your concrete has reached optimal strength!